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After having my daughter this summer and realising I didn't want to be pool side with her ugly little nappies, I decided to make some very simple cover for them. 

I also realise that everyone loves them, with or without children! So I thought why not make them available to all!

The nappy covers are all made in Spain , I source the fabrics mainly online or on my travels, usually they are end of roll fabrics, so most the nappy covers you'll only see a bunch and then onto a different fabric. 

I hope you enjoy them! 


X Thelma & Leah



The ''Rajasthani Babi'' Collection


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Sourced in the vibrant Rajasthan, on the north western side of India, some of the nappy covers and other wonders are made by the Saheli women (a charity supporting women with a tough background to finance themselves by making clothing) and some are made by small artisans all over.

Our new collection is inspired by India's colorful festivals and exotic wildlife.


A big adventure for little Ones

Throw us in your suitcase and carry on the adventure!

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Thelma & Leah was created in the hills of Andalusia one hot summer. 

The designs are inspired by Thelma and Leah's travels, and the fabrics are sourced from all over the world, incorporating the stories of our producers and artisans into the clothes.

Our promise is to always use the most natural, vintage and/or organic fabrics, to use ethical production houses and charities whenever and wherever we can.

We like our clothes with a story, with a punch and with a happy ending.

Continue your little garment's adventures by creating your own!


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    Hello You

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